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Protect Your Energy

In my journey as a full-fledge adulting adult – who is consciously making efforts to be a better me – I learned that the world around me isn’t as “woke,” or as aware of their actions/energy as I’m trying to be. Man, do you know how annoying it is to be in a great mood, and someone near me unknowingly projects their bad vibez onto me. Why do I have to catch your hangry ‘tude…

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Hello! Welcome to my new site — Most of you may remember my old thang,… consider this the big sister version. In the last 10 years of my career, a lot has happened and I’ve only showed sides of me and my personal life that I’ve wanted you to see. From being a little 18-year old squirt wanting to try it all out; be an on-air radio personality in the 2nd largest market…

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