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Hello! Welcome to my new site — NickyGarcia.com. Most of you may remember my old thang, NickyGeezy.com… consider this the big sister version.

In the last 10 years of my career, a lot has happened and I’ve only showed sides of me and my personal life that I’ve wanted you to see. From being a little 18-year old squirt wanting to try it all out; be an on-air radio personality in the 2nd largest market in the United States (check). Work with Big Boy (check). Work with Sway (check). Travel to places I’ve never been (check). Transition into the Music Industry and find my footing (check-ish). But what about everything in between that?

VOILĂ€! *golden star emoji* NickyGarcia.com!

As I’ve moseyed along my 10-year career journey/womanhood, there has always been a constant — Be The Example. Inspire young women + be the touchable plug that connects gals to the real world. The cool ass big sister that gives the advice you need.

I’ve never been the transparent type — but for the sake of all of our journeys, I promise to slide back the curtain and show you what really goes down as a women trying to find her way — just like you.